Nestled in the desert beauty of the Eastern part of the Pacific Northwest, Rachel Knepp is a multifaceted gem in the world of design and creativity. An interior designer, a passionate artist, and a writer/author, Rachel wears many hats with grace and finesse.

Her journey began with a love for spaces; understanding them, molding them, and giving them character. As an interior designer, Rachel believes in creating environments that tell stories.

Parallel to her design journey, Rachel discovered the world of colors not just for spaces but also for canvases. As an artist, she pours her emotions, experiences, and the breathtaking beauty of nature onto her watercolor art. Her pieces, much like her designs, resonate with life and emotion.

Rachel's love for storytelling doesn’t end with art and design; it extends to the realm of words. As a writer and author, she weaves tales and narratives that captivate readers, taking them on journeys through her experiences, dreams, and imaginations.

Behind all her achievements and creativity, Rachel finds her anchor in her family. Married to the ever-supportive Charles, she is a proud mother to four wonderful sons. Their home, much like a page out of one of her tales, is bustling with life, laughter, and the playful antics of five cats and two dogs.

At the heart of everything Rachel does is a passion for creating. Whether she's designing a room, painting a canvas, or penning down her thoughts, she brings a touch of her soul into it. Through her work, Rachel invites you into her world, a world where creativity knows no bounds and every corner holds a story waiting to be told.